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Old 06-10-2011, 07:17 AM
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Default Blade 2011

While the Blade show does not actually begin until later on today -writing this at 2:25 AM Friday June 10 after a long day and before an even longer one the whole experience started off on a great note once more with the annual CKCA dinner at Margiannos Restaurant nearby the Cobb Blade venue.

As usual the place was packed

Everyone enjoyed the food and the companionship of a very diversified group of collectors and knifemakers. However, what group of knife folk would not have a desire to sell, purchase and handle fine knives? Not this group anyway.

So first there was a list of knives and makers and the prices of the knives for each person at each table.

Then of course as Steve D'Lack shows -- look at knives and then deposit in the appropriate jug your name on a CKCA card indicating the desire to purchase the knife.

Later in the evening, makers will talk about their knife and then a draw will take place.
As things turn out, we can call this the Michael Talanian night for instead of being told to "come on down" it became, don't move as you know what is coming next.

Seven knives were offered.

Ron Newton Damascus and Ivory slipjoint folder $1600
Mike Quesenberry Integral $750
Thad Buchanan Loveless design Baby Bear $1200
Tommy Gann Copperhead Trapper Slipjoint Damascus $580
David Lisch Balls to the Walls Fighter $1000
Kark Andersen Deluxe Damanscus Fighter $825
Don Hanson Long Fighter $3300

Prior to dinner makers and collectors shared their interest in knives and a highlight for many was the opportunity to view a couple of knives owned by renowned collector Paul Kessler and reviewed in the CKCA and Bladeforums recently. Ed Wormer is delighted to view the John White Dagger and also the fine detail work done by Brian Hockstrat
( http://www.customknifecollectorsasso...ead.php?t=1316 ) and ( http://www.customknifecollectorsasso...ead.php?t=1320 )

John White, Preston Gough, Paul Kessler and Brian Hockstrat check out a nice bowie

Jerry Fisk reviews a knife

Tommy Gann and Sean McIntyre listen attentively to some words of wisdon or just some plain BS -- you never know among this crowd

Jimmy -- we hardly knew ya! Jim Treacy has done much the same as another friend, Knifemaker Brian Lyttle and just plain almost disappeared. Jim says he is down by 100 pounds thru a lot of walking and other exercise. By the end of the show he will probably we heavier in knives but lighter in the wallet too.

it is after 3 am so think these need to get into the CKCA Forums and this far will also go to Bladeforums.
The rest will be only available at CKCA forums regarding the rest of this evening.

BTW --any additional information regarding folks in the photos -- names would be appreciated at any time
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Old 06-10-2011, 10:57 AM
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Jimbo you look great!, Thanks Murray! Enjoy yourself people!
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Old 06-10-2011, 11:18 AM
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Six thirty AM --time to add a bit more from the dinner.

Here Jerry Fisk gets an understanding of "keeping yuor friends closer" but check your wallet or is that why STeven Garsson is next to the stong armed chap? Nah, SG is just warming up for his task later in the evening.

Do you think. perhaps, thst David Lisch is describing how he made the forward balls on his fighter?

Anything Joe did not learn from David was not going to be learned from Don but to own either of their knives from the mini show would top of the evening.

While all the other activity is taking place, Karl Andersen patiently explains his takedown process used in the building of his fighter to a collector.

You think Ky;e Royer is grinning here? Just wait till after MS judging.

It is very likely something serious is going on between Michael Donato and Ed Wormser.

An old friend from the days of The Knife Collectors List, Johnny Stout and his wife Katy joined my wife Phyllis. TKCL was an early internet group and each year different makers would produce a knife for members to purchase but like all good things it has passed on

Ron Newton and Ed Wormer discuss a folder while Jon Klein lets the extremely talented Steve Rapp examine one of his new acquisitions.

Tea and Sympathy?

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Old 06-10-2011, 12:05 PM
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Thad Buchanon can tell a collector all about how to create Loveless style knives.

These folks sitting with SR Johnson are probably wondering if Kevin will get this "road on the show"

and if as if on by Q here's Kevin Jones - President of CKCA

with some opening remarks and info about the Mini Knife Show taking place.

And now it is time to dig in.

After dinner, STeven Garsson has remarks

related to the books that have been published by David Darom seen here with his latest devoted to the work of Van Barnett and his wife Dellana Warren and sitting next to DD is Edmund Davidson, about whom a book was devoted a few years ago.

Jerry Fisk, a co founder of CKCA

brought both greetings and some major news and benefit to Makers that are members of CKCA. I'm sure he or Kevin will comment more as time goes on and all the details and arrangements have been made. This project will be of utmost value to these members and is just one more great thing that CKCA is trying to do for makers and collectors.
Now is the time for all good makers with knives at the mini show to talk about their knives followed by a draw for these knives.

Welcome to the Mike Talanian Show!!

Not all makers were in attendance and some did not have the knife in hand when speaking but here we go.

The first winner and knife drawn for by Noria Ruth was Michael Talanian and the Ron Newton folder

Mike Quesenberry was not in attentance but Kevin presented Michael Talanian with the integral

Thad Buchannon spoke about his Loveless style piece

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Old 06-10-2011, 12:25 PM
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but the eventual winner, you guessed it a Michael -- not Talanian but Michael Donato is the winner.

Tommy Gann does a full explanation of his little Slippy

and believe it or not MT did not win this one, but you may have figured it out -- Noria Ruth drew her own name

Enough of these interlopers thinks Michael T for next up is David Lisch

who explains about why and how he created Balls to the Walls with comments of the value of collectors to his knife making career.

and the winner is -- ah, you already know.
Here is Michael and David

next on the parade is Karl Andersen presenting his knife to Michael Talanian

Don Hanson presents his long Fighter and final knife draw to -- drum roll please -- Michael Talanian who is smaller in the wallet but larger in the collection having added 5 knives from the mini knife show. Does he look surprised?

Congratulations to Michael and the other collector/dealers and to the knife makers for creating some great knives that all those in attendance have had the annual opportunity to enjoy and CKCA will have a few more makers next year offering similar great pieces available at the dinner at Mangiones the night prior to the opening of Blade 2012. Those from Bladeforums reading here can comment in BF but also should consider becoming a member of CKCA.

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Old 06-10-2011, 12:28 PM
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Thanks, Murray for the reveiw. Looks like fun was had by all.
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